1969 Fleer Basketball Stickers Wax Pack

The wax pack

1969 Fleer Basketball Stickers Wax Pack


This old pack is in mighty fine shape for being over 40 years old.  It’s almost a shame to have to rip it.


The pack cost $28.00 on eBay ($25.00 BIN + $3.00 s/h).  I originally lost on an auction around $32.  The seller had another pack, and let it go for less.


All American Tryout (front only)

1969 Fleer Basketball Stickers card 1

Best Referee (front only)
Fatty (front only)

1969 Fleer Basketball Stickers cards 2


  • contents
    This pack had three stickers, and one sticker had a bunch of names at the bottom.  The names can be removed and placed in the blank boxes of other cards.
  • usage
    According to the pack, these stickers are useful for ridiculing your clumsy, obese, or otherwise disabled friends who can’t play basketball.  What are friends for?
  • date
    I put this pack at 1969, but that’s a complete guess.  I’ll do a post at the end of the week to justify (weakly) my choice of 1969.
  • stickers
    Back in early 1900s, people bought cigarettes and happened to get a baseball card.  I don’t know when, but at some point, people started buying baseball cards and the product (gum) was the bonus.  These stickers are so bad that they turn back the sports card clock.  I can’t imagine anyone would buy this pack for the stickers.  They are completely stupid.  They cannot hold a candle to Topps’ basketball issue in 1969.
  • conclusion
    The stickers are a total bust.  They are worthless.  Of course, if this wasn’t such a terrible product, then there’s no way I could afford to buy a 40+-year-old wax pack and rip it for this blog.  It is pretty fun to rip an old pack like this.

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