1992-93 Topps Series 2 Poly Box

The sealed box containing 36 poly packs

A poly pack containing 15 cards


This is the second series of Topps return to basketball cards in 1992-93.  This box is big because it contains the first of the fabled Beam Team cards.  According to Beckett, there should be two Beam Team cards in this box.


This box came from eBay for a measly $12.50 ($6.00 bid + $6.50 s/h).  (For full disclosure, I got both a Series 1 and Series 2 box for a $12.00 bid with $13.00 s/h.)

Possible cards

Base set – 198 cards
Gold parallel – 198 cards (1:1)
Beam Team insert – 7 cards (1:18)

Base cards

205 – Michael Jordan 50 Point Club (front and back)

223 – John Stockton (front and back)

392 – Latrell Sprewell (front and back)

393 – Alonzo Mourning (front and back)

Inserts and Parallels

no Beam Team cards!


  • contents
    This was a weird box.  Some of the packs were short cards.  One 15-card pack only had 10 cards.  I should have had 36 Gold cards (one per pack), and I only got 34.  I should have had 2 Beam Team cards, and I didn’t get any.  Screw that.  In terms of base cards, I was 11 cards short of the 198-card full set.  Needless to say, I got lots of duplicates.
  • base cards
    In terms of base cards, Series 2 isn’t so different from Series 1.  The second series has just two subsets – the 50 Point Club and 20 Assist Club.  These cards show the exploits of top players and recount the games in which each player hit a certain threshold of production.  Rookies only appear in Series 2 and have a gold foil stamp of ’92 DRAFT PICK in the corner.  My favorite surprise in Series 1 was the handful of horizontal cards.  There aren’t an horizontals in Series 2.
  • inserts and parallels
    I showed a Gold parallel in my Series 1 post.  What I really hoped to show in this post are some Beam Team cards.  No such luck.  For whatever reason, this box didn’t have any.  I don’t know if Beckett’s insertion rate prediction is off, or if I just got a freakishly bad box.
  • conclusion
    All I really cared about for this box was getting the Beam Team cards.  Since I completely struck out, I’d say this break was a bust.  The Sprewell rookie did bring a smile to my face.  P. J. Carlesimo, where are you?

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