1992-93 Topps Series 1 Poly Box

The sealed box containing 36 poly packs

A poly pack containing 15 cards


Topps left the basketball scene after the 1981-82 NBA season.  They returned with a two-series issues in 1992-93.


This box came from eBay for a measly $12.50 ($6.00 bid + $6.50 s/h).  (For full disclosure, I got both a Series 1 and Series 2 box for a $12.00 bid with $13.00 s/h.)

Possible cards

Base set – 198 cards
Gold parallel – 198 cards (1:1)

Base cards

141 – Michael Jordan (front and back)

188 – Tim Hardaway (front and back)

2 – Magic Johnson HighLight (front and back)

100 – Larry Bird All-Star (front and back)

198 – Checklist 2 (front and back)

Inserts and Parallels

Gold – 100 – Larry Bird (front only)


  • contents
    This box had 540 cards (36 packs × 15 cards/pack).  With just 198 cards for a base set, you might think I’d easily get a full set or maybe two.  Well, I did indeed get a full set of base cards.  I was a few cards short on the second set.  I did get four copies of many cards.
  • base cards
    Topps’ return to basketball cards was pretty lame.  The design of these cards looks like something from a mid-1980s baseball set.  Some of the photographs are pretty dark.  Look at the Jordan card.  I can see Jordan’s jersey, but I can’t really make out Jordan.  There are a couple subsets – HighLights cards in the very early numbers and All-Stars right in the middle of the set.  One thing I do like about the base cards is the horizontal design of a handful of cards.  The Tim Hardaway card shows off this design.
  • inserts and parallels
    The Gold parallel became a calling card for Topps in the early 1990s.  I like them, but any 1-per-pack insert doesn’t feel very special.  Maybe people felt differently back in 1992.
  • conclusion
    This set stinks.  The design is terrible.  The only thing in Topps’ favor is that the Fleer, NBA Hoops, and SkyBox sets weren’t much better in 1992.

3 responses to “1992-93 Topps Series 1 Poly Box

  1. I remember being 12 it so and my mom buyin me and my brother a hobby box of these – great memories man thank you – do you Tey autographttm by chance?

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