2004-05 Topps Bazooka Hobby Foil Box

The sealed box containing 24 foil packs

A foil pack containing 8 cards


Bazooka cards.  Kids stuff.  Don’t ask me why a kids product was released as a hobby-only issue.  I can only figure that even adults like Bazooka Joe.


You don’t see a lot of this stuff sell on eBay.  I picked up this box for $28.99 ($25.00 BIN and $3.99 s/h).  I think that’s a pretty good price, but I really don’t know for sure.

Possible cards, inserts, and parallels (from Beckett)

Base set – 220 cards
Gold parallel – 220 cards (1:1)
Mini parallel – 220 cards (1:1)
Printing Plates – 220 cards in 4 colors each (1:??)
4-on-1 Stickers insert – 55 cards (1:??)
Admissions insert – 23 cards (1:??)
Adventures insert – 23 card (1:??)
Back-Up insert – 24 cards (1:??)
Breakaway insert – 31 cards (1:??)
Comics insert – 24 cards (1:??)
Signs insert – 24 cards (1:??)

Base cards

69 – Kobe Bryant (front and back)

175 – Chris Duhon (front and back)

Inserts and parallels

Gold – 69 – Kobe Bryant (front only)
Gold – 175 – Chris Duhon (front only)

Mini – 54 – Grant Hill (front only)
Mini – 219 – David Harrison (front only)

Admission – KS – Kirk Snyder (front and back)

Back-Up – MJ – Marko Jaric (front and back)

Breakaway – PP – Paul Pierce (front and back)

4-on-1 Stickers – 19 – Miller/Mashburn/Cassell/Jackson (front only)
Comics – 2 – Peja Stojakovic (front only)

Tattoos – unknown number – unknown subject (front only)


  • contents
    This box had 128  of the 220 base cards in the set (58%).  There were 24 Gold parallels, 24 Mini parallels, and 24 Stickers/Comics/Tattoos.  In total, that’s more than the stated contents of the box – 192 cards (8 cards/pack x 24 packs).  Some of the packs had extra cards.
  • base cards
    For a silly set bearing the name of a brand of gum, I thought these were fairly decent cards.  The design is simple, but it works well.  There is very little gloss on these cards.  They look and feel like a baseball card set from the early 80s.
  • inserts and parallels
    There are lots of inserts and parallels for a product targeted to kids.  Compare this to a baseball set like Opening Day and Bazooka looks lavish and rich.  The two parallels, Gold and Mini, are essentially identical to the base cards.  Kind of boring.  The relic sets are a bit overdone, but I admit that I like the non-border look of the Back-Up set.  The Comics are cool.  Note that the sticker set is complete at 55 cards.  With 4 stickers per card, that’s 220 total stickers – the same number as the base set.
  • conclusion
    You could do a lot worse than 2004-05 Bazooka.  For the price, it was a decent break.

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