2012-13 Panini Prestige Hobby Foil Box

The sealed box containing 24 foil packs

A foil pack containing 8 cards


This is a hobby box for 2012-13 Panini Prestige.  As always, Panini advises that kids should be 9 or older to play with sports cards.  Safety first.


This box cost $84.50 ($72.00 offer + $12.50 s/h).

Possible cards, inserts, and parallels (from the box)

Base set – 250 cards
Bonus Shots Gold parallel – 250 cards (1:??)
Bonus Shots Black parallel – 250 cards (1:??)
Prestigious Picks Signatures insert – 75 cards (1:??)
Prestigious Pros Signatures insert – 25 cards (1:??)
Playmakers insert – 25 cards (1:??)
Hardcourt Heroes insert – 25 cards (1:??)
Franchise Favorites insert – 25 cards (1:??)
Stars of the NBA insert – 25 cards (1:??)
Connections insert – 25 cards (1:??)
True Colors Materials insert – 50 cards (1:??)
True Colors Materials Prime insert – 50 cards (1:??)
Inside the Numbers insert – 50 cards (1:??)
Inside the Numbers Prime insert – 50 cards (1:??)
Old School Signatures insert – 37 cards (1:??)
Distinctive Ink insert – 10 cards (1:??)

Base cards

26 – Tyson Chandler (front and back)

28 – Mike Conley(front and back)

166 – Jimmer Fredette (front and back)

220 – Evan Fournier (front and back)

Inserts and parallels

Bonus Shots Gold – 53 – Paul George (#201/249) (front only)
Bonus Shots Gold – 233 – Jeff Taylor (#76/249) (front only)

Prestigious Picks Autographs – 17 – Chris Singleton (front and back)

Prestigious Picks  Autographs – 39 – Andrew Goudelock (front only)
Prestigious Picks Autographs – 41 – Isaiah Thomas (front only)

Hardcourt Heroes – 9 – Derrick Rose (front and back)

Franchise Favorites – 4 – Stephen Curry (front and back)

Stars of the NBA – 1 – Russell Westbrook (front and back)

Connections – 4 – Collison and Holiday (front and back)

Inside the Numbers – 5 – Ricky Rubio (front and back)


  • contents
    This box had 192 cards (24 packs × 8 cards/pack).  Of those, 24 were inserts.  There were three duplicate cards in the base set.
  • base cards
    This set is a step up from Panini’s NBA Hoops.  The Hoops cards are on very low gloss stock.  The Prestige cards are way more glossy – about the same as the Glossy parallels in the Hoops set.  I’m not a fan of these base cards.  The image of the player is fine, but the backgrounds have been artificially blurred.  Why mess with the picture like that?
  • inserts and parallels
    Panini certainly likes lots of insert sets.  I’ll just point out a few.  There’s a serial-numbered parallel set – Bonus Shots Gold (/250).  There’s also a Bonus Shots Black (/10), but I didn’t get one of those.  There are several autographed inserts.  I pulled three Prestigious Picks.  These are fine, but Chris Singleton’s signature goes way off the sticker.  I got one relic.  It’s an Inside the Numbers of Ricky Rubio.  It has a nice design, and I think it looks nicer than the True Colors Materials (the other relic insert set).
  • conclusion
    This set is indeed better than Hoops, but it’s not much better.  It adds relic inserts and a serial-numbered parallel set.  That’s about it.  (OK, I admit that I really like the on-card Old School autographs.)  I guess Panini feels this product fills a niche.

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