Not-so-hot hot packs – a word of warning

On Friday I’m going to post the break of a box of 2012-13 Panini Prestige.  This is a fairly recently released product.  Each hobby box contains one relic hit.  As chance would have it, I found the relic in my first pack.  The relics are nice, thick cards and stand out immediately as you pull the cards from the pack.

To my delight, in the fourth pack, I found another relic – or at least I thought it was a relic.  It ended up being a thick, blank insert that was supposed to feel or weigh the same as a real relic.  In total, I found six of these blanks.

On eBay you can find plenty of sellers who list guaranteed “hot packs”.  These hot packs are reportedly identified by weighing each pack.  The packs with the right weight (heavier than normal) contain a big hit.  Well, it seems that Panini decided to do something about the sale of hot packs.  I’d be very careful buying hot packs.  Please leave a comment if you know of other companies that do this.


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