Harden to Houston – Is OKC sunk?

The trade of James Harden to Houston for a handful of players and draft picks is now old news.  What is the fallout?  As always, nobody knows, and I probably know less than most people.  Who does know something?  How about Vegas?

Back in late August I wrote a post about the odds for the best NBA teams to win the 2013 NBA title.  Below is a look at the odds in late August vs. the odds today.

late August NBA futures

Miami – 2.25-to-1
LA – 2.5-to-1
OKC – 5-to-1

late October NBA futures (post-Harden trade)

Miami – 2.25-to-1
LA – 2.75-to-1
OKC – 4.5-to-1

Wow.  The odds for the Thunder have actually improved!  This probably has more to do with questions around Kobe’s long-term health than the talent of the Thunder.  The Lakers and Thunder will likely face one another in the west, so what’s bad for the Lakers is good for the Thunder.  Regardless, the fact that OKC could lose Harden and have their odds get better indicates that the betting public doesn’t see the trade as a serious blow to the Thunder.  Only time will tell.


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