1990-91 NBA Hoops Series 2 Poly Box

The sealed box containing 36 poly packs

A poly pack containing 15 cards


In 1990-91 the basketball card scene was dominated by Fleer, SkyBox, and NBA Hoops.  NBA Hoops was in its sophomore season and looking to make a splash.


This box came from eBay for $8.98 ($5.99 bid + $2.99 s/h).

Possible cards

Base set – 440 cards
I think Series 1 had 336 cards.  Series 2 has 104 new cards in addition to the 336 cards from Series 1.  The explanation on this set over on Beckett doesn’t make this clear.

Base cards

34 – Alexander Volkov (front and back)

35 – Spud Webb (front and back)

308 – Phil Jackson (front and back)

337 – Detroit Pistons Game 1 (front and back)

345 – Don Nelson (front and back)

356 – Boston Celtics (front and back)

382 – Michael Jordan Inside Stuff (front and back)

387 – Dell Curry (front and back)

388 – Patrick Ewing (front and back)

390 – Derrick Coleman (front and back)


  • contents
    This box had 540 cards (36 packs × 15 cards/pack).  Of the 336 different cards, I pulled 344 for 78.2% of the Series 2 set.  There were plenty of duplicates.
  • base cards
    Like Series 1, these cards are alright in my book.  They are not fancy; they’re just basic cards.  There is a nice mix of subsets – from base cards to standard coach cards to throwback coach cards from their days as players to Don’t Do Drugs cards to draft pick cards.  The only duds in the whole set are the team cards.  The front of these cards feature a horrible artistic representation of a star of the team.  They’re like Diamond Kings from the old Donruss sets except they might actually be worse.
  • condition
    These cards were in pretty rough shape.  Oh sure, any 20-year-old card is likely to have some problems, but that’s not an issue for this box.  None of the cards was sticking together.  Instead, the cards as a group were inconsistently cut.  The size variances were pretty dramatic.
  • conclusion
    These were nice cards.  I had low expectations for such a cheap product, but these cards did not disappoint.

2 responses to “1990-91 NBA Hoops Series 2 Poly Box

  1. The 104 new cards for Series II actually “replaced” Series I cards, if I recall. It’s been a long time. This was similar to what they did with the first year of NBA Hoops cards, where the “High Numbers” cards replaced some of the cards from the early boxes (including the famed David Robinson rookie card.)

    Off the top of my head, I know that you can’t get any of the All-Star cards in Series II boxes, the Sam Vincent card (where Michael Jordan is seen wearing a replacement jersey with a different number), and several players who had since changed teams. That’s not to say that any of the Series I only “short print” cards are that difficult to find. There’s probably a printer locked up in some basement somewhere still cranking out these cards.

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