1990-91 NBA Hoops Series 1 Poly Box

The sealed box containing 36 poly packs

A poly pack containing 15 cards


In 1990-91 the basketball card scene was dominated by Fleer, SkyBox, and NBA Hoops.  NBA Hoops was in its sophomore season and looking to make a splash.


This box came from eBay for a measly $6.29 ($0.99 bid + $5.30 s/h).

Possible cards

Base set – 336 cards

Base cards

5 – Michael Jordan East All-Star (front and back)

18 – Earvin Johnson West All-Star (front and back)

33 – Moses Malone (front and back)

60 – B.J. Armstrong (front and back)

317 – Pat Riley (front and back)

333 – Checklist (front only)
336 – Danny Ferry (front only)


  • contents
    This box had 540 cards (36 packs × 15 cards/pack).  Of the 336 different cards, I pulled 322 for 95.8% of the Series I set.  There were lots and lots of duplicates, a handful of triples, and just one quadruple (Kenny Smith).
  • base cards
    These are nice cards.  There’s a nice mix of regular cards, some all-stars at the beginning of the set, and head coaches.  One card really stands out, and that is #336 Danny Ferry.  Ferry went to Italy after he was originally drafted, so Ferry appears in this set in a cotton sweater in front of one a Duke University building.  It’s a pretty lame card for the #2 player taken in the draft.
  • conclusion
    What is not to like?  For just over $6 I picked up nearly a full set of cards that still look pretty good after over 20 years.  This was a good score.

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