Collection focus

I have had this blog for around two months, and I have just gotten around to figuring out my collecting focus.  There are a couple outside factors.  First, I am married with three kids, so I cannot go hog wild on cards.  Second, unopened boxes of basketball cards are not cheap.  Ripping a box (or a vintage pack) a week adds up quickly.  My collection can’t add to much cost beyond the material I rip in the blog.  Third, I can be obsessive about stuff, so I need something that is easily limited.

What have I settled on? – through the mail autographs.  That’s not quite as exciting as 1-of-1 Kobe auto relics, but I think it’s going to work just fine for me.  I can take cards from my box breaks/pack rips and send them out for autographs.  The blog will naturally provide me with the materials I need for the autographs.  Even if I happen to rip a pack from the 70s, those guys are likely still around for signing.

Postage isn’t free, but I only have so much time each week to dedicate to writing letters and addressing envelopes.  I would guess that the most I could send out each week will be 10.  Postage for those (letter to and return envelope) will only be around $10 each week.  I’m cheap, but I can swing that.

So, it’s a plan.  Hopefully, I’ll have some TTM successes to post next week.


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