Fleer Retro – I don’t get it

A hot item right now is Fleer Retro.  That’s actually Upper Deck’s 2011-12 Fleer Retro.  This product was released in early September, and it has been gang-busters since then.  Retail cost for a box, which contains two mini boxes, was $300.  Now the mini boxes are running closer to $300.

I haven’t been into basketball cards for long, but I don’t understand the fuss.  These aren’t even licensed cards, so the logos have all been airbrushed off.  Maybe most collectors don’t care, but that is a killer in my book.

While Fleer Retro shoots through the roof, prices on the new Panini releases are falling like a rock.  At least Panini has team logos on it.  Sure, they’re sticker autos, but on-card autos alone would not prop up Panini’s prices.

I admit I haven’t been into basketball cards long enough to question the entire price structure of new releases.  Regardless, it seems more than a little screwy.  If anyone can enlighten me, I would appreciate it.


3 responses to “Fleer Retro – I don’t get it

  1. These are not airbrushed, these have college Logos because they are CLC college Licensed.There is great interest in this product because it has virtues outside of the same old memorabilia cards and boring thematics

  2. I think the nostalgia factor may have a lot to do with it. Also there are a lot of big name signers for that product.

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