1990-91 Fleer Rack Pack (x3)

I broke a box of 1990-91 Fleer a few weeks ago.  I’m ripping these rack packs now just to show a different packaging of the cards.

Three rack packs in their see-through glory


You have to love rack packs.  The top and bottom cards of each section are visible through the cellophane, so these things are easy to partially search for cards.  It’s no wonder that card manufacturers eventually got away from packing material that was so transparent.


These packs were bought off eBay for a whopping $5.49 ($0.84 bid plus $4.65 s/h).

Possible cards and inserts

Base set – 198 cards
All-Star insert – 12 cards (1:??)

Base cards

18 – Dell Curry (front and back)

33 – Danny Ferry (front and back)

61 – Isiah Thomas (front and back)


All Stars – 2 – Larry Bird (front and back)

All Stars – 10 – David Robinson (front and back)


  • contents
    Each rack pack contains 45 cards (3 panels × 15 cards/panel).  One of the 45 cards is a coveted All-Star insert.
  • base cards
    I liked these cards when I ripped a wax box, and I still like them now.  As I said before, the middle names on the backs are worth their weight in gold.  Dell Curry is listed as Wardell Stephen Curry.  I guess I know exactly where Stephen Curry (of the Golden State Warriors) got his name.  Isiah Thomas’ full name is Isiah Lord Thomas, III.  Maybe his atrocious behavior with the Knicks is no longer so mysterious.  With a name like that, it could be worse.  Finally, poor Danny Ferry’s card shows him as a Duke player with the “Duke” airbrushed away.  He played in Europe after being drafted, so Fleer couldn’t get a picture of him in a Cleveland uniform.
  • inserts
    These inserts are alright.  They were seeded around 1:4 or 1:5 in wax packs.  Being guaranteed to get one in each rack pack was pretty good.
  • conclusion
    Opening these rack packs wasn’t exactly a revelation.  They contain the same cards as the wax packs.  Some day I’ll pick up some cello packs of this product and see if I can pull a Rookie Sensation insert.  At that point I will have pretty much covered everything there is to say about the 1990-91 Fleer set.

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