1990-91 SkyBox Series 2 Foil Box

The sealed box containing 36 foil packs

A foil pack containing 15 cards


The second series of the inaugural set for SkyBox doesn’t improve much on the first based on the box and pack.  I do like the blue color over the series one black, but that’s about it.  Like the first series packs, these packs are made from really thick foil.


This box came from eBay for $8.94 ($3.99 bid + $4.95 s/h).

Possible cards

Base set – 300 cards with some overlap with series one

Base cards

304 – Phil Jackson (front and back)

308 – Chuck Daly (front and back)

330 – Charlotte Hornets (front and back)

340 – Los Angeles Lakers (front and back)

357 – Chris Jackson (front and back)

362 – Derrick Coleman (front and back)

374 – Danny Ferry (front and back)

403 – Manute Bol (front and back)


  • contents
    This box had 540 cards (36 packs × 15 cards/pack).  Of the 300 different possible base cards, I pulled 295 for 98.3% of the base set.  There were lots and lots of duplicates.
  • base cards
    I hated the base cards in the first series.  Surprisingly, I like them better in the second series.  The design is still lousy, but having a few subsets gives the second series a lot more variety.  The coach cards are good.  The team cards are sort of stupid, but at least they are something different to see.  The draft pick cards are fine.  That leaves a relatively small number of true base cards.
  • short-printed cards
    The second series consists of a number of cards that are unique to the second series.  These cards are numbered 301 and higher, and all were found in this box.  The few second series cards that were missing from this box were the cards that overlap with the first series.  I would expect these to be the double prints, but I honestly can’t figure out exactly how this set is put together.
  • conclusion
    If I gave star ratings at the end of my posts, this product would get one star.  The first series would be a zero, and this one would be a little better.  Just having subsets was an noticeable improvement over the first series cards.

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