1990-91 SkyBox Series 1 Foil Box

The sealed box containing 36 foil packs

A foil pack containing 15 cards


Here is the inaugural issue of SkyBox cards.  Just based on the box and pack, I am not impressed.  The SkyBox logo looks like Knight Rider or Battlestar Galactica.  The all-black look feels a little formal for basketball cards.  I will say that the foil used in the packs is some heavy duty stuff.  It’s more like Kevlar.


This box came from eBay for $10.00 ($5.00 bid + $5.00 s/h).

Possible cards

Base set – 300 cards

Base cards

11 – Dominique Wilkins (front and back)

41 – Michael Jordan (front and back)

117 – Reggie Miller (front and back)

138 – Earvin Johnson (front and back)

299 – Checklist #243-300 (front and back)


  • contents
    This box had 540 cards (36 packs × 15 cards/pack).  Of the 300 different possible base cards, I pulled 266 for 88.7% of the base set.  There were lots and lots of duplicates.
  • base cards
    In the short life of this blog I have been fortunate to really like every pack and box that I have ripped.  That doesn’t mean everything has been perfect, but I could at least see the value of each product for what is was supposed to be.  I cannot say the same for 1990-91 SkyBox.  These cards are terrible.  The fronts are way too dark with the backgrounds removed.  The gold borders don’t help a bit.  Bad idea #1.  The backs have very few stats.  Bad idea #2.  The cosy shot of the player on the back looks like a high school yearbook photo.  Of course, Jordan has a picture of him playing golf.  A sign of Jordan’s future problems.  Bad idea #3.  In trying to look exclusive and elite, these cards end up looking foolish.
  • short-printed cards
    SkyBox did do something interesting in this set.  Series I included 300 cards.  Series 2 also included 300 cards (I think this is right).  Some of the Series 2 cards are the same as Series 1.  The cards that only appear in Series 1 or Series 2 are short-prints.  It might be more accurate to say that the cards that appear in both series are double prints.  Either way, some cards are more common than others.  (If this is totally confusing, read Beckett’s nearly as bad explanation.)
  • conclusion
    This product stinks.  I suspect they were trying to upstage Fleer’s basketball line and just missed the mark.  The good news is that they can only do better in their 1991-92 set.  The bad news is that I am planning on doing a box of 1990-91 SkyBox Series 2 next week.  I am not sure I can handle another box of this junk.

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