2008 Rittenhouse WNBA Foil Box

The sealed box containing 24 foil packs

A foil pack containing 5 cards


This black box is a very limited edition product.  It is serial numbered 0812 out of 5000.  That is not many boxes.  Each box contains 24 foil packs with 5 cards each.


This box ran $26.34 on eBay ($19.99 bid and $6.35 s/h).  I think that’s a pretty decent price, but it’s not a total steal.

Possible cards and inserts

Base set – 90 cards
Autographs insert – 29 cards (1:12 packs)
Relics insert – 33 cards (1:12 packs)
Rookies insert – 29 cards (1:24 packs)
USAB Women’s Basketball Team insert – 21 cards (1:??)

Base cards

19 – Becky Hammon (front and back)

21 – Alana Beard (front and back)

73 – Ivory Latta (front and back)

80 – Lisa Leslie (front and back)


Autographs – NNO – Cappie Pondexter (front and back)

Autographs – NNO – Erin Thorn (front and back)

Rookies – R14 – Erlana Larkins #404/444 (front and back)

Relics – AS7 – Asjha Jones #294/444 (front and back)

Relics – AS13 – Becky Hammon #333/444(front and back)

USAB Women’s Basketball Team – USAB3 #207/667 (front and back)


  • contents
    This box had 118 cards.  One might expect 120 cards (24 packs × 5 cards/pack), but the two Relics inserts have the thickness of two cards each.  Packs with Relics cards only have 4 cards.  The box gave 85 of 90 cards in the base set.  That’s 94% of the base set.
  • base cards
    The base cards are OK.  The fronts look great, but the backs don’t have enough stats for my tastes.  I think the backs were intended to show off the ladies of the NBA more than provide information on them as athletes.  One thing I do like about these cards is that they have a soft feel.  It’s hard to describe, but they don’t have a really hard finish like cards normally do.
  • inserts
    The inserts aren’t anything incredible.  A couple autographs and a couple relics aren’t exceptional, but they’re not bad either.  The relics are very thick and extremely glossy.
  • conclusion
    I like this product.  Just being for the WNBA makes it different and interesting.  It is indeed very limited at just 5,000 boxes.  Unfortunately for the WNBA and Rittenhouse, demand for WNBA cards is even more limited.  This product will never have much value.

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