What is the deal with Jordan?

Jordan is universally accepted as the greatest player ever to play basketball.  He’s maybe the greatest athlete even in any sport.  But… post-athlete Jordan is not doing Jordan the Chicago Bull (or Washington Wizard) any favors.

Jordan is currently standing on the neck of his second franchise, the Charlotte Bobcats.  If you can find a Charlotte Bobcats fan, ask him about Jordan.  Jordan doesn’t seem involved with this team at all.  For a guy with competitive juices to spare, he seems more interested in throwing in the towel than building a team.

Can you blame him?  I wouldn’t want to be saddled with the Bobcats.  They suck – but Jordan is part of the reason they suck.  The guy is not a good boss/manager/owner.  Is that a crime?  No, but it hurts him that other great athletes, like Bird and Elway, have made the jump to sports management.  Elway has an advantage in taking over in Denver.  Thanks to Elway himself, Denver is a strong sports city.  The Pacers don’t have the same level of success, but Bird is still plugging away.

How is Jordan doing by comparison?  Not so hot.  He doesn’t seem interested, and he doesn’t seem to care whether anyone thinks he’s interested.  He’s hard to find at Bobcats games.  He’s the most valuable asset his team has, and he makes no effort to appear in the media to promote the team.  In short, what is the guy doing?  He’s not helping himself, that’s for sure.


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