1990-91 Fleer Wax Box

The box containing 36 wax packs

A wax pack containing 15 cards


This product predates the days of hobby and retail boxes.  This is just a good, old fashioned wax box.  It’s not even sealed.  These were innocent times.


This box was bought on eBay for $12.31 ($2.99 bid plus $9.32 s/h).

Possible cards and inserts

Base set – 198 cards
All-Star insert – 12 cards (1:??)

Base cards

8 – Larry Bird (front and back)

26 – Michael Jordan (front and back)

172 – David Robinson (front and back)

189 – John Stockton (front and back)


All Stars – 5 – Michael Jordan (front and back)

All Stars – 3 – Akeem Olajuwon (front only)
All Stars – 4 – Earvin Johnson (front only)

All Stars – 6 – Isiah Thomas (front only)
All Stars – 7 – Karl Malone (front only)

All Stars – 8 – Tom Chambers (front only)
All Stars – 9 – John Stockton (front only)


  • contents
    This box had 540 cards (36 packs × 15 cards/pack).  Of those, 9 were All Star inserts, and 531 were base cards with duplicates.  I did get a complete set of base cards (198) from this box.  That leaves 333 duplicates.
  • base cards
    These cards scream 1980/1990.  The design is boring and yet somehow holds up OK.  I’m not a fan of white borders, but these don’t offend me as much as others.  One thing I do like is the bold placement of the full name of the player across the top of the back of the card.  Larry Joe Bird?!?  Joe?  Not even Joseph, just Joe.  John Houston Stockton.  Middle names are just cool.
  • inserts
    For what these inserts are and being from a 1990 box, these inserts are just fine.  The blue background makes them stand out from the base cards.  I like them.  In total I pulled 9 insert cards, so the insertion rate must be close to 1:4.  (Beckett says 1:5, so maybe the seeding is not consistent from box to box.)
  • conclusion
    I like this set.  What I maybe like most is that bright yellow box.  It’s awesome.  The cards are OK too.  Keep in mind that Topps was too cool to do basketball cards in 1990.  Topps didn’t return to basketball until 1992.  So, Fleer was the big cheese in basketball cards with NBA Hoops and SkyBox just breaking in.  I’d say that Fleer was representing itself in just fine 1990 style with this product.

One response to “1990-91 Fleer Wax Box

  1. I busted three boxes of this stuff a couple of years ago and built a bunch of sets. The base set isn’t my favorite of all-time, but it’s okay. What I loved about this product is their inserts. Love those all-star inserts… but one of my all-time favorites is the Rookie Sensations found in those cello packs.

    I’ve done set spotlights on all three sets mentioned above… but here’s my favorite:


    Glad to meet another collector who appreciates old junk wax basketball.

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