1988 Topps Football Yearbook Stickers Wax Pack

Football stickers?!?  Yes, this is still a basketball blog, but this pack was a free gift on an eBay purchase.  It was thrown in with the 1974 Fleer Patches pack that I posted last week.  Who doesn’t love free packs? – certainly not me.

The wax pack


This old pack is beautiful.  It’s tightly wrapped and looking good.  This pack actually contains two different sets.  The stickers are their own set.  They number 174.  The backs of the stickers are another set with a total of 67 (66 players and 1 checklist).


The best part of this post is that this pack was free.


Sticker – 110 – Barry Wilburn & 196 – Elvis Patterson
Card – 40 – Neil Lomax

Sticker – 264 – Curt Warner
Card – 1 – Doug Williams

Sticker – 105 – Darrell Green
Card – 24 – Anthony Carter

Sticker – 256 – Andre Tippett (major league diamond cut)
Card – 13 – Bernie Kosar

Sticker – 10 – Steve McMichael & 266 – Norm Johnson
Card – 41 – Stump Mitchell

Sticker – 42 – Randall Cunningham
Card – 55 – James Lofton

Sticker – 48 – Andre Waters & 261 – Greg Townsend
Card – 9 – Ruben Mayes


  • contents
    Every pack has seven stickers and seven cards.
  • stickers
    Back in the early 80s I collected some of Topps’ baseball stickers.  They were kind of stupid then, and these football stickers from 1988 are pretty stupid now.  My eyes are older and can barely make out the sticker number in the bottom left corner.
  • cards
    Using the backs of the stickers as separate cards was a pretty nice idea on the part of Topps.  Regardless, in its heart, this product is about the stickers.  The card backs can’t make up for the fronts.
  • conclusion
    I don’t know what Topps’ motivation was for these sticker products in the 80s.  Fleer was selling stickers, and maybe Topps thought they could put the pinch on Fleer by competing in stickers.  Maybe stickers were meant to appeal to younger kids and turn them on to cards.  Whatever the reason, these stickers were poor products.  The designs sucked with no originality.  The availability of these stickers on eBay shows how unsuccessful this product was.  There is a recurring lot of 3 boxes of 48 packs of these stickers on eBay.  That’s 1,008 stickers/cards, all in upopened wax packs.  The lot has repeatedly failed to sell in the $20 range.  A nearly 25 year old product, and 3 boxes of it can’t sell for $20.  Wow.

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