1974 Fleer Basketball Patches Wax Pack

The wax pack


This old wax pack looks like it’s been around the block.  It’s barely held together to the point that I’d be tempted to think it has been searched.  The cards inside are completely worthless though, so it’s hard to believe that somebody would take the time to open it up and re-seal it.


The pack cost $12.09 on eBay ($9.99 BIN + $2.14 s/h).  I’m sure they can be found for less than that, but around $10 for a pack from 1974 really isn’t bad at all.


New York Knicks (front only)
Phoenix Suns (front only)

20 – Blocked Shot (front and back)

Stick Gum


  • contents
    This pack had two patches, one card, and one stick of gum.  According to Beckett, similar packs can be found with a patch, sticker, card, and gum.
  • patches
    The pack claims that these are “real cloth” patches.  I don’t know the textbook definition for cloth, but I guess these things do have some kind of weave to them.  Still, I wouldn’t put them through the washing machine (not even delicate cycle), and I surely wouldn’t dry clean them either.
  • cards
    The undercard in this pack is this The Shots card.  It’s not the most collectible thing.  It’s oversized and kind of lame.  It did at least take the brunt of the wax damage so that the patches could be unscathed.
  • conclusion
    There’s something weird about this product.  In two separate places the pack has a copyright date of 1969.  The stupid bonus card has a copyright of 1974.  The patches don’t have any markings.  What is the deal here?  This kind of smells like some kind of legal wrangling between Fleer and Topps or the NBA.  I’d hate to think that Fleer had to sit on this product for five years before getting to sell it.  Regardless, it’s cool to open a pack from 1974 (or 1969).  If the patches were directly tied to specific players, it would be a home run.  I’d buy more of this if I could find it in the $5 range.

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