2012-13 Panini NBA Hoops Retail Foil Box

The sealed box containing 36 foil packs

A foil pack containing 5 cards


This is the retail box for 2012-13 Panini Hoops.  Both the retail and hobby boxes contain 36 packs, but the retail packs have 5 cards each.  Hobby packs have 8 cards.  Kevin Durant graces the cover of the box and the front of each pack.  The big circle on the box is some kind of holographic serial number label.


I bought this box in a rush so that I could start this blog with a 2012-13 product.  I really didn’t know what I was doing and overpaid on this box from eBay.  It cost $48.99 ($39.00 bid + $9.99 s/h).  I have since seen other retail boxes sell for in the $35-to-40 range (including shipping).  The underbidder on this box should send me a thank you note because I saved him some money.

Possible cards, inserts, and parallels (from the pack wrapper)

Base set – 300 cards
Glossy parallel – 300 cards (1:??)
Artist’s Proof parallel – 300 cards (1:??)
Artist’s Proof Black parallel – 300 cards (1:??)
Autographs Champions insert – 1 card (1:??)
Kobe All Rookie Team insert – 30 cards (1:??)
Durant insert – 1 card (1:??)
Action Photos insert – 20 cards (1:??)
Draft Night/Signatures insert – 28 cards (1:??)
Courtside insert – 20 cards (1:??)
Rookie Impact/Signature insert – 20 cards (1:??)
Spark Plugs insert – 20 cards (1:??)
Board Members – 20 cards (1:??)

Base cards

19 – Jeremy Lin (front and back)

70 – Tim Duncan (front and back)

73 – Gregg Popovich (front and back)

208 – Steve Nash (front and back)

281 – Harrison Barnes (front and back)

295 – Western All-Star Team (front and back)

300 – Dwight Howard (front and back)

Inserts and parallels

Action Photos – 13 – Paul Pierce (front and back)

Action Photos – 19 – James Harden (front and back)

Board Members – 6 – DeMarcus Cousins (front and back)

Courtside – 3 – Antawn Jamison (front and back)

Courtside – 9 – David Lee (front and back)

Draft Night – 15 – Tyler Zeller (front and back)

Franchise Greats – 1 – Magic Johnson (front and back)

Franchise Greats – 2 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (front only)
Franchise Greats – 8 – Patrick Ewing (front only)

Franchise Greats – 9 – Julius Erving (front and back)

Franchise Greats – 14 – Isiah Thomas (front only)
Franchise Greats – 15 – Hakeem Olajuwon (front only)

Rookie Impact – 18 – Gustavo Ayon (front and back)

Spark Plugs – 10 – Mo Williams (front and back)

Spark Plugs – 16 – Thaddeus Young (front and back)

Promo cards

front of all promo cards
10% discount back

15% discount back
20% discount back


  • contents
    This box had 180 cards (36 packs × 5 cards/pack).  Of those, 15 were inserts, and 165 were base cards with no duplicates.  That’s 55% of the base set from this retail box.
  • base cards
    Let’s be clear that this is an entry level product, and the base cards are just what they should be – not much gloss, no foil. I’m fine with that.  Nothing in the base cards really jumped out at me, but Nash’s card had been updated for his trade from the Suns to the Lakers.  Cards in the base set are numbered according to the team.  For example, all the Atlanta Hawks are listed consecutively.  The Nash card, however, is not with the Lakers’ cards.  The front says Lakers, but the card number says Suns.
  • inserts and parallels
    For a low-end product (basically $1 pack for a properly priced box), this thing has a lot of inserts.  For the most part I could take or leave these inserts.  The goofy draft day cards make the players look so ridiculous in their suits.  These guys are absolute world-class athletes, but they look like dorks in a suit.  I do like the Courtside inserts with the full-bleed horizontal image.  The Action Photos are similar, so I like them too.  I was thrown on the Franchise Greats cards.  The pack wrapper didn’t mention these things.  Maybe they are special to the retail packs.
  • estimated insertion ratios
    The pack wrapper doesn’t give insertion rates, but I’ll take a stab at it based on this box.
    Action Photos – 1:18
    Board Members – 1:36
    Courtside – 1:18
    Draft Night – 1:36
    Franchise Greats – 1:6
    Rookie Impact – 1:36
    Spark Plugs – 1:18
  • conclusion
    This product is alright by me.  It’s a good mix of stuff.  If every break and rip on this blog is nearly as good as this box, I’ll have a good time in basketball cards.

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